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Director's Message

Dear Parents & Students,
Except for a few families that could afford to send their children to reputed boarding schools or expensive city schools, quality education that equips a student to face challenges and to appropriate opportunities afforded by a rapidly growing economy in a globalized environment has proved elusive for rural households.
The vision of the school is to provide just this in an affordable way that also affirms right principles and values and builds them in to the very fabric of each student’s character in the process of imparting education that is relevant to the times.
We endeavor to instill humility and respect in all students so that they recognize the worth of those around them. Our aim is to ensure that intellect and talent are orchestrated in order to enhance self-worth so that students hold head high & contribute to the society in a positive way.
We focus at developing leadership skills, communicative competence and inculcating good manners and etiquettes amongst students which are so crucial for excelling the sense of self-discipline & raising the level of aspiration of the students besides meeting the aspiration of the parents and the community, as a whole.
Constructive suggestions are always welcome for the improvement of teaching learning process of the school. Valuable co-operation of parents in this regard will go a long way in making the atmosphere conductive for effective learning and proper grooming of students.